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Korean Journal of Legal Medicine 2003;27(1):51-64.
Published online May 31, 2003.
Polymorphism and forensic efficiency of 5X-STR loci in Korean.
Byung Ki Kwon, Kyoung Jin Shin, Sang Seob Lee, Gil Ro Han, Jong Hoon Choi, Chong Youl Kim
1Department of Oral Diagnosis and Oral Medicine, College of Dentistry, Yonsei University, Korea. cykim@yumc.yonsei.ac.kr
2Department of Forensic Medicine, College of Medicine, Yonsei University, Korea.
3Department of Forensic Medicine, National Institute of Scientific Investigation, Korea.
4Biometrics Engineering Research Center, Yonsei University, Korea.
5Human Identification Research Institute, Yonsei University, Korea.
This study intends to examine the polymorphism of 5 STR loci inX-chromosome (GATA172D05, HPRTB, DXS8377, DXS101, HumARA) and to evaluate usefulness of them in forensic identification. 100 unrelated Korean men and women were selected. DNA was extracted from these sample and PCR was performed to amplify it. And using automated DNA sequencer and computer program, the genotype and allele frequency of them were investigated and analyzed. The following results were obtained: 1. The genetic analysis of 5 STR loci inX-chromosome was performed with quadruplex PCR for GATA172D05, HPRTB, DXS8377, HumARA and monoplex PCR for DXS101. 2. Polymorphism information content of 5 loci is higher than 0.5, the high information content is observed. The heterozygosity is higher in DXS8377, DXS101, HumARA than others. 3. The power of discrimination is revealed high in all 5 loci in women, but in men DXS8377 and HumARA is higher than others. 4. The mean exclusion chance is revealed high in DXS8377 and HumARA which have more alleles than others in trio case and motherless case. 5. The difference of allele frequency is observed with other population group in DXS8377, DXS101, HumARA of Korean population group. Based on the results of this study, the allele frequency and population data of 5 STR loci inX-chromosome may be useful in forensic investigation.
Key Words: X-STR, PCR, GATA172D05, HPRTB, DXS8377, DXS101, HumARA


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