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Korean Journal of Legal Medicine 2003;27(2):62-72.
Published online October 31, 2003.
Polymorphism and Haplotypes of 10 Y-STR Loci in Koreans.
Zhe Jia Zheng, Yong Ji Zhang, Jin Cheol Park, Hai Yu Lin, So Young Kim, Young Tae Choi, Jung Bin Lee
Department of Forensic Medicine, Seoul National University College of Medicine, Korea. jblee@snu.ac.kr
Ten Y chromosomal STRs (DYS434, DYS435, DYS437, DYS438, DYS439, DYS441, DYS442, DYS443, DYS444, DYS445) have been typed in 1159 Korean males for the purpose of application to male identification, population genetics and evolution study. Multiplex PCR method was used in amplifying simultaneously these loci. In each locus, 3-8 allele were observed, and no 'interallele' was observed. The gene diversity varied from 0.3131 at DYS435 to 0.7179 at DYS441. Among 610 father-son pairs, mutation was observed 2 cases in DYS434, 1 case in DYS435, 3 cases in DYS437, 1 case in DYS439, 2 cases in DYS441, 1 case in DYS442 and 4 cases in DYS444. No two or more simultaneous mutations were identified in one father-son family pair. In 1159 Korean males, 641 different haplotypes were observed, and 488 haplotypes were not shared by others. The haplotype diversity was 0.9911, Probability of Identity was 0.0098. When using the ten loci together with DYS19, DYS385, DYS388, DYS389, DYS390, DYS391, DYS392, DYS393 which were already used in the Department of Forensic Medicine, College of Medicine, Seoul National University, the haplotype diversity was 0.9997, Probability of Identity was 0.0012.
Key Words: Y-chromosome, STR, Korean, Haplotype, Mutation


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