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Korean Journal of Legal Medicine 1995;19(1):54-60.
Allele Frequency and Genotype Distribution of STR TC-11 Locus in Korean
Chan Choi , Jung Bin Lee
Department of Pathology, Wonkwang University, College of Medicine Department of Forensic Medicine, Seoul National University, College of Medicine
DNA was obtained from placental tissue and peripheral blood of 200 unrelated Korean in order to analyze the applicability of genetic polymorphism of human tyrosine hydroxylase gene (TC-11) STR(short tandem repeat) locus to forensic medicine in the field of individual identification and paternity test. After amplification using two primers specific to the TC-11 locus, the products were separated by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, so called Amp-FLP (Amplification Fragment Length Polymorphism) procedure followed by silver staining. Seven alleles were deteccd, but allele 10 and allele 8 constituted the majority and the number of core unit repetition ranged from 7 to 13. The heterozygosity was 69.5% and 17 different genotypes were revealed. One of the alleles was sequenced for the confirmation of exact size and repeatiti on unit. In 164 gametes of 64 family whose parent-child relationship were confirmed through other studies, Mendelian inheritance was well presented in every case, and no mutation was observed. But in practical case work, the application could be limited in case of allele 10 and allele 8 due to their high frequencies.
Key Words: Human tyrosi ne liydroxylase gene, TC-11, STR, Amp-FLP, Mendelian Inheritance


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