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Korean Journal of Legal Medicine 1994;18(1):21-32.
Allele Frequency of VNTR Loci detected by pV47-2 Multi-locus Probes in Korean
Seung Sub Lee , Jae An Jung , Juck Joon Hwang
Internal Medicine Section, Korea Life Insurance Co. Department of Legal Medicine, College of Medicine, Korea University, Seoul, Korea
Individual differences at the level of their DNA sequence have been known to exist throughout the human genome. One of the simplest methods to visualize these DNA polymorphisms consist of the hybridization of a cloned fragment to restriction enzymes digested DNA from unrelated individuals, and fractionation by agarose gelelectrophotesis. The screening of a large number of DNA fragments by this procedure has resulted in the identification of numerous restriction fragment length polymorphisms(RFLPs) corresponding to DNA sequences described from all human genome. The important feature of these size variation is that they are inherited according to the rules of Mendelian genetics. The allele frequency distribution of highly polymorphic VNTR loci had been determined in 113 Korean living over the Seoul metropolitan area. 113 samples from unrelatetl individuals were digested with Hae III restriction enzyme and hybridized with the recombinant DNA probe, pV47-2. By the analysis of DNA fingerprints detected by pV47-2 multi-locus probe, results were obtained as following: . 1. The size range of the DNA fragments detected for the VNTR polymorphism varied from 5,032 to 37,143 base pairs( bp) . 2. The number of alleles identified under the experimenta1 conditions (more than 5 Kb) used in this study was 62. 3. The mean band-sharing coefficent is 0.18, and the mean probalility that all fragments detected by pV47-2 individual A are also present in B is (0.18)11.18=0.4x10-8. 4. The mean allele frequency of higlily polymorphic VNTR loci detected by pV47-2 probe is 0.1, and its heterozygosity is 90%. The information obtained can be used for the paternity testing and the analysis of forensic materials.


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